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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

but i digress...

"normal is a rare condition.
So rare, in fact, that it may not even exist."

waitingcatching up on my reading while in waiting rooms...
[image: bellevue by graphic i]

  1. Jamaica is the new Brazil

    as stated by myself

  2. The Ethicist

    I (...) asked for my father's (ashes) urn and the gravekeeper's wife pointed to a shelf holding three. I grabbed the nearest and ran to the grave, and the burial was completed. As we were leaving, the gravekeeper told me we'd buried the wrong urn. Must I now tell my sister?

    The odds were against your grabbing the right urn, as any Vegas mortician can tell you.

    I'm looking for an apartment. If I take an apartment priced bellow what I can afford, I take it away from someone who can't afford.

    As a Manhattanite, I'm struggling to grasp the concept of an apartment that's just too cheap. I'm sorry. Your words make no sense to me.

  3. flops
  4. Diamond and gold flip-flops

    $17,000 at H. Stern.

  5. The Public Editor

    "Times readers will wake up on Tuesday morning to read a prominent story announcing the nominees for an artistically meaningless, blatantly commercial, shamefully exclusionary and culturally corrosive award competition."

    The lengthy definition of eligibility in the Tony rules can be summed up simply: a show qualifies if it's presented in a theater with more than 500 seats, situated north of 40th Street, south of 66th Street, west of Sixth Avenue and east of 10th.

  6. Die bitch, die!

    Marlena is cold and alone in her jail cell. Little does she know her new "friend" Crystal is hatching a plot to get her killed.
    [so good i had to post the link again]