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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

digressing with mr.df
saudade = melancholy?

for me melancholy is a longing... a desire and a rememberance of something or someone... that you want and cannot find or get... a pain in the heart that you cannot relieve... a bitter sweet memory that you wish for to feel, see or experience once more but know it cannot be....

exactly that.

but you don't say i have melancholy for my mother...or brazil.

you could say "i feel melancholy for my mom... or i am overwhelmed by melancholy for my mom and brazil" ... that works....

my point is in brazil we have this word that define a feeling that we express a lot.
do you think the fact the word does not exist in english makes it harder for people to have that feeling?

do you think that maybe that's one of the reasons they say brazilians are hot, passionate.

of course, we could go on and on. and i'm not developing the best argument here...

but i think there is validity to that theory...


that's the basis for Aristotle's logic: 'it exists only if it can be defined'

which is not (always) true, i know.

but ppl are only aware of things that can be defined.

the universe did not exist in ppls mind until someone proved it did.

i agree to the theory ... ...'it exists only if it can be defined' ... but some things exist and we feel them w/o being able to verbally tranlate the emotion .... we do not know how to express them or let them go free ... yes.... i believe if you can label or define something it is easier to accept thus more apt to become apart of one's repetoire of experiences ...


yes ... i am sure your right about passion... it is something that not only is born inside of you.. but something you need to learn about ... to become more proficient at it.... to keep the fires burning .... at the right temperature....