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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Fun to be had

GBNYMr. JJ had invited me to attend the Gay Bloggers reunion at Barrage last night but, because of several reasons, none of them personal against him, I did not have absolutely any intentions of going. But that's exactly where I found myself after Regi and I had dinner at Rice "N" Beans.

Regi and I go back 25 years. We met in our first year of college and have been friends ever since. She blames me for her sexual questioning that led her to follow me to NYC. People jokingly define her as 'frank', as if it were a negative trait. It's the one I most admire on her. She has taken on a role of coach for me right now, much needed I must add. I had been going through a phase where I had lost focus and I needed someone that would not tell me just what I needed to do but how to do it.

Anyhow, she lives in Hell's Kitchen, Rice&Beans is nearby, and we were not ready to wrap up the conversation after the rice and the beans were gone. We needed a place for a nightcap. And that's how we ended at Barrage.

People that know me superficially laugh when I say I'm demure and the term is usually applied pejoratively and mostly to girls.

So we could very well have just had our nightcap and not interacted with the GBNY party except I had exchanged several emails with Apt. 3E and he was the first person I ran into at the bar. And that's how I got to meet several other bloggers (which is as generic as 'brazilian' for a lowest common denominator), and a representative of another one that could not make it and with whom (both) I'd gone out dancing before.

There IS fun to be had outside the cocoon. And interesting people to meet. And new places to go.