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Monday, May 31, 2004

fun was had at the eagle yesterday

"Ran into brzinnyc and laughed and just enjoyed a beautiful warm summer night on the roof. Some people realized I had shavedoff my beard and others didn't seem to notice. The consensus was they think I look better with out it."
kitchenbeard looks hotter than ever...

I was back at the Eagle yesterday after 2 months of sel-imposed hiatus (2 weeks ago when I went there to show it to regi and lisa doesn't count). It was weird. I felt very anxious as I walked up 10th ave. When I got there I basically did not know anyone except Paul, the DJ, and Brad who made me his special margarita. What is this? 2 months and everybody I knew is gone. I WAS anxious.

Well, soon 'the group' was formed and, added to a couple more 'margaritas', fun was had.

Mr. RT was there too and I was remimded why I liked him to begin with: that wicked sense of humor we share...

Now, maybe we should try the wednesday after-work margarita madness that Gustavo is trying to get going on the roof.