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Thursday, May 27, 2004

graphic eye


A long time ago, a friend who is an editor at Brazilian Vogue, told me, after looking at some pictures I had taken during her visit to NY, that I had a graphic eye.

I do not consider myself a good photographer nor am I a great graphic designer. For NY standards, anyway, as they are more common than... What's the expression?

Anyway, Eduardinho has just provided me with photosh..., I mean, the means to improve on the pictures I take. Thank you.

With graphic I I am not striving to be recognized as an artist. I just want to share how I look at things. And with it, share what helps me be (?). One hundred people would look at the pier 55 above and just see a dilapidated structure. When Mr. JJ goes see a movie what he experiences transcends the act itself. That's the beauty of it. Beauty. It's everywhere you just need to be willing to look. (that last sentence was sooo fucking corny, I'm definitely NOT a writer).

The NYTimes had a photoessay recently called Poverty's Palette. Preposterous (W.O.T.D.)? Check it out...