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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The happiest day

Hundreds of Same-Sex Couples Wed in Massachusetts
and the sky has not fallen...
But this time, these couples have said yes ? and all the president can do (today, at least) is watch. It is a private moment and a public one. And it represents, just as Brown did in a different way, the hope of a humanity that doesn't separate one soul from another and a polity that doesn't divide one citizen from another. It is integration made real, a love finally come home: after centuries of pain and stigma, the "happiest day of our lives."
"Integration Day"

Last night Andrew Sullivan read from his new book, Same-Sex Marriage: Pro and Con, at the Chelsea Barnes&Nobles and with a Q&A session and book signing following. I don't know if the date was chosen randomly or planned to coincide with 'the happiest day' for gay rights movement, as he so brilliantly wrote yesterday in the Op-Ed piece quoted above doing an analogy between yesterday's culmination of events and the 'Brown vs Board of Education' ruling. Coincidences abound.

gays are more equal now

Andrew Sullivan was the first person I recall to publicly speak about the need to fight for marriage being the cornerstone of gays rights. And being chastised for that. By gay people.

And then the fact he is a Republican. More heat taken from gays.

Not to forget the most ridicule of accusations against him, the fact that it was publicized he engaged in promiscuous sex. Again, gay intellectuals were up and arms against him. Gays that MUST NOT HAVE HAD SEX in ages.

Who can throw the first stone??? Who does not live in a glass roofed house???

It appals me when people can only see black and white in today's world. Specially if you are part of a repressed minority.

Andrew Sullivan's assessment of gay culture (and culture in general) and its co-relation to today's society is the best of any I know of.

Besides the fact he is one hot bear.