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Monday, May 10, 2004

I heart NY: my favorite alley

photos by mr. v

"Charles Lane, between Washington and West Streets north of Charles Street, most likely marks the northern boundary of the 18th-century Newgate State Prison and is named for Charles Christopher Amos, who owned the estate on which the present Charles Street and Lane are currently. (Christopher Street is also named for him; Amos Street became West 10th Street)

In the past, Charles Lane has been home to reclusive 'Gravity's Rainbow' author Thomas Pynchon.

Charles Lane retains its old Belgian Block paving.

Though the Newgate State Prison stood from 1797 only until 1828 (when it moved upstate and became Sing Sing) it is remembered presently by both Charles Lane and by a Squire Vickers mosaic in the IRT Christopher Street subway station"

Alleys of Greenwich Village