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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Love. A spotter's guide.

True Love: can be introduced to the family without unreasonable fear of embarrassment. On the part of the family.

Everlasting Love: a polyamorous couple who haven't had sex with each other in years.

Love Match: an alliance between kingdoms.

In Love: a momentary instance of being almost as interested in someone else as in oneself.

Loving: capable of untold amounts of suffocation.

Motherly Love: capable of untold amounts of suffocation.

Lover: the one who comes round when your partner's 'out of town on business' (read: seeing his lover).

Lovable: cuddly. In the pejorative sense (similar to the concept of 'shapely legs,' which is code for chubby).

Lovely: only just bearable. 'That was a lovely party! I do hope you take me to Kettering again!'

via Belle de Jour