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Monday, May 24, 2004

Puss in Boots

puss Went to see Shrek 2 last night with Eduardinho and Marcello Reeves among other friends...

Fairy Godmother was a great new character for obvious (gay) reasons (I actually owned the complete screenplay for the first season of Ab Fab).

But the biggest surprise was Puss in Boots, my favorite. Suave. When he gets busted and the cops pull out a little plastic bag from his pocket he immediately offers: "Not mine. You guys planted it in there". This happens so quickly that kids will totally miss it, thankfully. And so do the other 'adult' jokes. When they need to run out of a 'Farbucks', they run across the street to the other one... It's so clever that I will need to see it again to catch all the jokes I missed while crying from hysterically laughing.

Of course, I was the one laughing the hardest.

It was a perfect night, thank you guys.