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Friday, May 14, 2004

A time comes when life is an order. Just life, without any escapes.

why Why you should never put your picture on the Internet ...

The Last Frasier was a classic. 1,000 times better than the lame Friends finale. The scene where Niles walks out of the room feeding the monkey as a baby to receive his family was hilarious...

May 17, 2004. It's a date.

Lost bag full of stuff on way to porn shoot 6 train. On a separate note looking for hot redheads or any types of lesbians/bisexuals into crazy kinds of shit that want to be in an upcoming amateur Porn flick, lets see what we can do.

Fuck you, you fag. I bet you suck cock.

Word of the day: longest non-technical word in the english language.

MemeFirst on the consequences of the Brazil vs NYTimes case:
Brazil's actions have been wholly counterproductive, a kind of puffed-up national pride winning out over any pragmatic considerations. But then again, the cooler heads have rarely prevailed in Brazil. The best the country can hope for is that the rest of the world will shrug its shoulders and say 'Brazilians. What do you expect.' The alternative is that Brazil will suffer a steady and damaging diminution of its reputation abroad.