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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Welcome back, kotter

I have no words to convey how happy and satisfied Musicology has made me.prince
Call it what u like
I'm gonna call it how it b
This is just another one
Of God's gifts

"Now comes Musicology, as appealing, focused and straight-up satisfying an album as Prince has made since who can remember when. It's open, easygoing and inclusive, the sort of album anyone might like. Most notably, Musicology restores a refreshing sense of songcraft to Prince's writing."
Rolling Stone

  1. iShit, iShave, iShower

    maximizing time

  2. What if your lover is better looking than you are?

    when the desire for an erotic ideal conflicts with accepting the available guy.

  3. The Worst of NYC

    people, places, and things that are stinkin' up the joint.

  4. mental note

    cuz' mi gusta some cuban(s)

  5. new jersey town renamed after one of my top 5 favorite drinks

    New Jersey... What else can be said...