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Monday, June 21, 2004

but i digress...

"There is something of the bewildered ingénue about Saunders. At times she pauses so long to consider a question that it isn't clear whether she is concentrating, thinking of something else entirely, or dropping off to sleep. Because she often plays overbearing, egocentric characters, this passivity comes as a surprise. It probably has more to do with shyness than rudeness, or a horror of self-aggrandisement."
The Guardian on one of my idols, Jennifer Saunders.

mr. john Another idol of mine: João Gilberto, 73, was the prime inventor of bossa nova.

Stonehenge builders identified

Gay Dads Of Quads Split Up: I'll take one. Gladly.

Michael Jackson's three-day Brazil-trip mystery.

São Paulo Fashion Week

Party Favors: Pill Popping as Insurance

[Image: Mr. John @ FSE]