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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

God is Brazilian.

Growing up in Brazil, we were always told that God was brazilian because otherwise he would not have created such a beautiful land devoided of any major natural disasters. There are no earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, deserts, etc. Of course, poverty and illiteracy do not count.

Premiere Brazil!
MoMA at Film Forum Presented with Festival do Rio at Film Forum in New York City

The one I'm looking forward to:
Deus é Brasileiro (God is Brazilian).
2003. Brazil.
Directed by Carlos Diegues. With Antonio Fagundes, Paloma Duarte, Wagner Moura.

Diegues, best known as one of the masters of Brazil's influential Cinema Novo movement, has clearly had fun creating this playful and poignant comedy, which was a runaway hit on its home turf. God, having decided to take a vacation from his endless toil minding Earth and the impossible human race, must first recruit a temporary substitute. To track down the man he considers best suited for the job, he goes to Brazil's northeast, joined by fisherman/con artist Taoca and the tough-acting, lovely Mada. The trio's spirited road trip unfolds across stunning stretches of the diverse Brazilian countryside. The locations, the frequently odd residents, Taoca's religious-icon-filled dreams, and the wacky twists of the journey itself all become integral parts of this comic fantasy. In Portuguese, English subtitles."