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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

karmic balance

I might be close to achieving karmic balance.

My beloved bicycle was stolen.

Things like this do not drive me crazy. Of course I like to posses things I want but I'm not materialistic in essence. The bike had been a gift from X-L (sentimental value) and got me around town (practical value) while keeping me healthy (inner value).

The reasons we do things we know are wrong...

I know the word karma has a pejorative connotation now and it's used very lightly by everybody. But the concept karma, call it whatever you will, is something we all should believe in. Good deeds attract good things. Negative energy attract bad omens. Bad people suck up all your energy. Everybody has a different way to accept it:
In life, we often do things that are against our own inner understanding of what is right/wrong - good/bad - harmonious/inharmonious. Each time we do something wrong/bad/inharmonious, we create a tension in the bow string. We create a karmic debt

What is right or wrong is relative to us. It stems from cultural and personal belief systems. For example, in some cultures stealing is not a bad (karmic) crime. The pigmy culture in the Congo in Africa do not have a word in their language for stealing because they don’t ‘steal’ things. They have community property and they ‘borrow’ things. They don’t understand the concept of stealing. If they take an ax and don’t bring it back, they have not created a karmic debt because they don’t understand the concept of it being stolen.

"What is right or wrong is relative to us." The fact I got a call for an interview while I was working at the center. The fact I had an interview the day of the Garden Party. The fact I got a job offer the day after.

I want to believe in the need to balance the energy that flows from/to us. I want to believe in the need for karmic balance. I want EVERYBODY to believe in it.