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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Message to the choir: wake up! and vote.

Moore's Fire
"Is (FAHRENHEIT 9/11) biased? Yeah, but with an informed bias, and it happens to be the bias I share, so fuck you! And even if it only preaches to the choir, said (Michael) Moore at the premiere, 'it's a good thing, because the choir must be awakened!'"

La Dolce Musto Pearls of the week

Vaginas & Daisies
"Afterbirth: Kathy and Mo's Greatest Hits provides trenchant observational hilarity that has you cheering for mo' (and Kathy). I especially enjoyed their spoof of feminine hygiene commercials: "I don't know about you, but I don't want my vagina to smell like a daisy any more than a daisy would want to smell like a vagina!""

Carnaval after 1am
"More immediately, club legend RUDOLF PIEPER told me he's helping to open Lotus clubs in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Rio, where the most sizzling hot spot now is Iron Lady. "It's a carioca version of an s/m leather bar, with carnival atmosphere and feathers," said Rudolf. "It's very confused. In Brazil, even macho married men are not responsible for what they do after 1 a.m.—and that's strictly enforced." De-gorgeous! Come on, Dubya—let's take some more vacations."