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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

most troubling sign you have a drug problem:

when you get upset at your friend for suggesting you MIGHT have a drug problem.
    Public Service: If you answer yes to any of these questions, it could suggest that you may be heading for trouble.

  1. Have you lost important friendships or relationships?

  2. Have you missed work as a result of partying?

  3. Have you had trouble finding or maintaining romantic relationships in your life?

  4. Are you ever preoccupied and obsessed with finding and using crystal at the expense of your personal goals and aspirations?

  5. Do you party during the week in spite of not wanting to use crystal?

  6. Do you sometimes get high even though you don’t want to?

  7. Are you using more than you thought?

  8. Have you experienced short term or long term memory loss?

  9. Have you ever caught a cold after a weekend run?

  10. While using crystal, have you engaged in dangerous sexual encounters that you would normally not engage in?

  11. While partying, have you had sex with people whom you would not normally agree to engage with sexually?

  12. Do you have a permanent prescription for Xanax or sleeping pills?