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Friday, July 16, 2004

Mindless gibberish of a tired mind.

    Starting a Meme

  1. If you had a choice, would you be circumsized or not? Why or why not? (ladies, pretend to be men or skip this one)

    Yes. Hygiene. I was circumcised on my early 20's and having lived thru both worlds I can say I choose the latter.

  2. What elective surgery would you have performed on yourself if expense wasn't an object?

    Lasix. Again. See answer #4.

  3. What body part of yours is perfect just the way it is?

    Let me answer this way: there is no body part I would change surgically.

  4. What was your most serious or involved surgery?

    This one is dedicated to Kitchenbeard: Eyesight correction. 15 years ago. In Brasil. Before laser. They used diamond tipped cutters to re-shape my cornea. The result was MUCH less than perfect.

  5. Cesarean section or vaginal birth?

    Cesarean. No pain is gain with me.

  6. Epidural or drug free child birth?

    Duh! See answer above.

  7. Which is worse, the anticipation or the recovery?

    The anxiety of anticipation. I love the idea of recovery. Sitting around for hours doing something or nothing.