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Friday, July 30, 2004

She spoke to me

inspired by mr. df

"I think the country will evolve."
Teresa Heinz Kerry: America Will Accept Gay Marriage.
"When reporters in San Francisco asked her position on gay marriage this week, she predicted, 'I think with time and without a lot of politicization of this, we'll get there'"

AND that's the approach that will win this issue over: leave it alone for the next two years. The sky has not fallen. And it will not. And, two years from now, the institution of marriage will not have been destroyed.

and she spoke to me

Teresa Heinz Kerry's Remarks to the Democratic National Convention
"Tonight, as I have done throughout this campaign, I would like to speak to you from the heart.

Y a todos los Hispanos, y los Latinos; a tous les Franco Americains, a tutti Italiani; a toda a familia Portuguesa e Brasileira; and to all the continental Africans living in this country, and to all the new Americans in our country: I invite you to join in our conversation, and together with us work towards the noblest purpose of all: a free, good and democratic society."