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Sunday, August 22, 2004


and artistic license.
In sum, artistic license is:
* A tool.
* Entirely at the the artist's discretion.
* To be tolerated by the viewer.
* Neither "good" nor "bad".
* Useful for filling in gaps, whether they be factual, compositional, historical or otherwise.
* Used consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally or in tandem.
* There for the taking, and not subject to yearly renewal, inspection, fees or a bad snapshot on an ID card.

Antarctic survivor says famed cameraman fabricated scenes and doctored images. It absolutely does not change anything for me. They are the most inspiring pictures of the most inspiring story I have ever heard.

They are the photographs that show what is perhaps the greatest story of endurance and valour ever told, the epic narrative of Ernest Shackleton's near-fatal Antarctic expedition of 1914.

The explorer's desperate bid to save the lives of his crew has been hailed as the epitome of human achievement against the odds, while the arresting images captured by Frank Hurley's camera have ensured that the historic events have kept an icy grip on public imagination.