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Monday, August 23, 2004

Glowing Pink.

Fluorescent pink dye in fertilizer designed to discourage meth-maker theft.
"Farmers are hoping that a pink-colored stain, called GloTell, will prevent speed chemists from stealing their anhydrous ammonia, which is used as a crop fertilizer. It's also a critical ingredient in methamphetamine manufacture.
The visible stain, even if washed off, was still detectable by ultraviolet light 24 to 72 hours later....

'Most people that are drug users, they like a clean-looking drug if they are going to ... put it in their body,' Clements said. 'We know the end-product is not pretty at all.'

Snort it, and it turns the nose fluorescent pink. Inject it, and the telltale pink shows up at the injection site, he said.

I'm guessing this will fail. Speed users would rather have pink noses than no speed. Adding green food coloring to beer doesn't stop people from drinking on Saint Patrick's Day. So why would speed users turn up their nose at a line of pink-colored crystal meth?"