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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Mr. Roz.



The Beginning, re-posted.

Mr. Roz and I were already friends for a couple of years. We were probably 21? Over 20 years ago. And we finally were going to fulfill a gay boy's dream: we had four tickets for Elza Soares, The 'Ella Fitzgerald' of samba. Diva, south american way. We were, as always, if modesty allows me to say it, being ahead of our time by recognizing her greatness.

And we decided that we would use the chance to ask guys on a date. Not necessarily a sex date, but people we felt an attraction to, which VERY often gay guys confuse with sexual attraction.

We brought Mr. LP and Dr. WM to the concert.

It was the beginning of a lifetime friendship, in spite of one death happening in the meantime.

Back to the concert. Elza Soares had led a full life and this was the 're-invention' tour and she wanted to be taken seriously, more than just a sambist, a Jazz Singer. And she told us so. "From now on I will only sing intelligent songs". And she proceeded to perform "O Pato", losely translated bellow and sang by João Gilberto above. That song sealed the deal for us.

O pato
The duck
vinha cantando alegremente, quen, quen
came singing happily, quack quack
Quando um marreco sorridente pediu
When a wild duck smilingly asked
para entrar tambem no samba
to also join in the samba
no samba, no samba
the samba, the samba