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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I, spill.

Magnolia Bakery, that Sex and the City-era icebox-cake-loving hotspot on Bleecker Street, denies loudly today to the NY Observer that they're closing that yuppie-packed location. We hear otherwise. Repeatedly. But we also know people like to talk about things they don't know anything about.

We also hear that Paris Commune, just up the street, is closing its doors, and there's other massive turnover on the block. (But, still, no apple turnovers!) We love Magnolia, even though we won't wait in line to get in -- perhaps like all great adventures, it must end so that other baked good trends may begin.
Magnolia Bakery: Gather Ye Cupcakes While Ye May

When 18&8 closed recently without notice it upset me that I had taken it for granted and had not had a meal there since a lovely Christmas Eve Dinner with my friend Mr. ALO. Maybe it's better that way, leaving the room on a high note. Good memories...

Last night L and I pondered whether to have a cupcake before dinner as we walked past Magnolia on our way to Miracle Grill where I eventually, somehow, managed to spill my (second) caipirinha caipiroska.

As a proof of my honesty, I had warned L early on about that defect of mine: I spill drinks. Usually ON the person I'm with.

And on a positive (?) note, the waiter felt compelled to buy us an unnecessary third round which he listed on the check under DADDY. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

But, going back to the places that close subject, I'll use the news at the beggining of this post as an excuse to get a second date with L. If I need to.