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Monday, August 16, 2004

The last of the Stooges.

The last of the Stooges is dead, reports the LA Times. Paul 'Mousie' Garner, a slapstick comedian believed to be the last survivor among the men who played one of the Three Stooges over the comedy team's 50 years of cranial contusions and eye-poking ridiculousness, died last Sunday of natural causes. He was 95.
WOW Report

Growing up in Brasil, The Three Stooges were like an ubiquitous spook. They seemed to be on TV all the time (actually, they were on while lunch was being prepared) and I must have watched every episode at least five times. Apparent unlike role models they actually were the best a geeky lonely kid could have hoped for. "I must say growing up wouldn't be the same without a few nyuk, nyuk's or a few bops on the head. Life would have been so boring without the Three Stooges comedy."