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Sunday, August 29, 2004

The March II.

 It took me a while to get into it. First, one of my (now ex-) friends stood me up. "Something came up in my life." Should I be concerned? Based on previous history, nah!

As I walked up 7th Ave and the crowd got thicker and more creative, the energy became contagious. I hooked up with friends on 20th and for a short while we marched along the Ralph Nader contingent. Not by choice. So we had to let them go ahead.

We chose to march along the dragon that caught on fire. They were playing better music (Hey, Ya). And were cuter. Mr. RT and I had to keep reminding each other to focus on the issues.

Favorite sign I saw:

2 hours later we had moved all of 7 blocks (just now, at 5:30pm, I received a txtmsg update saying the end of the march had reached Union Square). Mr. RT and E, the good fags they are, decided to go have brunch instead.

And I was left with the responsability to carry on the message.

All and all it was an amazing experience. But way too many things to show and tell to do justice here. I'll leave it up to professional sources.