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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Proud blog daddy.

Mr. JJ, my honorary editor and dance partner, has become quite a celebrity in the blogworld with Joe. My. God. and I'm quite proud of it. Since I first read his earliest writings, which I can only describe as "installation art", I have been his number 1 fan. So I'm honored he kept me on top of his blogroll, even tough it screws up the alphabetical order (and it must be driving him ape - to use a monkey related expression). Is he making fun of my obsessions now?
Forced Retirement

His codpiece bulging
His hair styled high
Roy *snapped* his whip
As the tigers raced by

One Bengal took issue
And reared in her place
And sank her huge fangs
Thru the Lancome on Roy's face

His costume in tatters
Bloodied Roy softly said
'Forget 911 ,call Edith Head!'