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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

ben & i

X-S called from DC and asked if I wanted to work in a Republican Convention Party on Tuesday at The New York Historical Society.

'Are you crazy? I'm marching on Sunday, you know how I feel about the whole thing...'
'It pays well'
'Sign me up' I said feeling like a whore.
'There is a but?'
'You have to dress up as Benjamin Franklyn.'

Now, I've always hated costume parties, Carnaval in Brazil aside. X-S had no clue what BF was supposed to look like so after asking if he had consulted his boyfriend first and deciding that it would be a bizarre experience I agreed. And I have never looked (and felt) more ridiculous in my entire life.

Besides me there were two other (gay) brazilians as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, an American (party) girl as Martha Washington and an Asian-looking girl who was supposed to be Dolly Madison but was sent home before the event started. I thought we represented a loopsided diversity.

Once we decided to relax and play along, it was not THAT bad. Until the guest of honor arrived: no one warned me it was a party for Rick Santorum.