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Saturday, September 04, 2004

the lawyer and the law enforcement.

 "Indeed, some people were arrested on the mere suspicion that they might be protesters. Ever since thousands of protesters on bicycles snarled traffic last Friday, bike riders have reported being singled out by the cops. On Wednesday, Kenneth Scott Kohanowski, a lawyer, was riding home on Fifth Avenue from his office to his neighborhood in Chelsea when he was arrested for reasons still unclear to him.

'I stopped and asked the officer why we couldn't go down Fifth Avenue,' he wrote in an e-mail. 'He told me to keep on moving and I insisted on knowing why I couldn't proceed toward my apartment. At that point, he shoved me ... then threw me against a magazine kiosk. A dozen other officers then jumped on top of me. They then arrested me and booked me for disorderly conduct ... I have never been arrested before. The police in this city are out of control with the RNC in town.'"
They fought the law and the law won

Gothamist: Facts About Police Presence During RNC.
and NYC IMC: First pictures from inside Pier 57, used for detention of protesters.