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Monday, February 28, 2005

Orange is my favorite color.

Christo says he isn't bothered by the closing of "The Gates." That's what creating is all about, he says. You want to move onto the next thing.

I finally got to Central Park to see The Gates. And I loved it. The park was covered in snow and the contrast was breathtaking. Well, I could only walk a little, along 59th street, but it was enough to taste the experience.

To all the naysayers, one thing: you were probably misguided and focusing on a single gate. Yes, they were cumbersome, unelegant and stiff when singled out and taken out of the contest. And that's why there were thousands of them. They were much bigger them each gate. They also included the people walking under them, them once-in-a-lifetime effect, the landscape around and the city skyline as a backdrop.