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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Out of the hospital.

 So it finally happened yesterday. My good friend Mr. GZ picked me up at the hospital in the afternoon and drove me to Mr. DF's apartment, where I'll be staying for a while. We took a detour on the way there because Mr. GZ wanted to drive through Central Park so I could see 'The Gates'. He has been one of my biggest motivators but in no way an unexpected surprise. He made an effort to make my recovery less lonely (a lot of people did and i will get to them little by little): one afternoon around the holidays he showed up at the hospital with tons of Christmas decorations, including lights that the nurses did not allow him to string along the walls.

He couldn't understand why I felt uncomfortable with all the attention I was getting: "Just know (and be comfortable to accept) any help or assistance that your friends want to offer! Reverse the positions and if you would offer similar help under similar circumstances, then don't think twice about accepting it."

I have always admired him for his "this is who I am, like it or not" atitude but only lately have we got closer and had more intimate conversations. He is going through his own personal 'health hell' and, in the end, our fears are very similar. Ah, the future...

We got stuck in traffic - President's Day Friday - but I could not care less. With a good friend, anytime is quality time.