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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tomorrow is here.

"I feel wherever I go that tomorrow is near, tomorrow is here and always too soon"
Speak Low

It has been one week.

The trip down here was terrible. I had a stomachache on the plane and went straight to the airport medical clinic. The pain lasted most of this week and curtailed my movements even further.

Did I mention it's hot here?

The pace is slow but you do not need me to tell you that. I'm staying with my sister and her apartment is within one block of a mall (with a great food court, a cineplex and the best gym in town), an arthouse cineplex and a supermarket. And those are my new borders for now.

I have already seen a doctor.

It is nice to have family around. Unrequited love. Brazilian food. Rice and beans everyday. Lunch and dinner if I want.

And it's hot.

Nem tudo e doce no sucesso das exportacoes brasileiras. As balas Chita, que eram encontradas com facilidade nos menores botecos e nas mais exigentes confeitarias do Pais, estao em falta desde o inicio do ano no mercado interno.
Signs of the times: when I was a kid my favorite candy was this chewable pineaple-flavored one called "Chita" (yes, in honor of that monkey), ubiquitous in Brazil until they decided to export it. Apparently it is such a hit everywhere that they can't produce it fast enough and it disappeared from the market.