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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Interpreter.

I saw The Interpreter last night. One of those movies that makes you wonder how can so much money and talent not add to something better. I think Sean Penn is the greatest living actor - he's dull in this movie. I love Catherine Keener: totally wasted. Nicole Kidman? Well... Miscast:
Making the United Nations look good is easy compared to the movie's main imaginative ambition, which is to turn Nicole Kidman, apotheosis of all that is blond in Hollywood today, into the embodiment of African suffering. The New York Times Movie Review
But the movie is beautiful to watch. It's worth paying the admission just to see the United Nations building as shot by Sidney Polack.

The UN is one of my favorite buildings in the world. It is the representation of everything I like in architecture, the epitome of modern. The complex was designed by an international team of 11 architects, including Le Corbusier and the greatest brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and this is the first time it was allowed to be shot for a movie.