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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


 Mr. LV and I have been friends since High School. He lives in Rio now and I stayed with him, in Santa Teresa, a charming neighborhood that is not usually part of touristic tours. Maybe because it's so hard do get to. And through it. It grew spontaneously during the monarchy as a summer retreat: up a very steep hill and in total harmony with nature it has become home to Rio's artistic community - and to artistic types, whether art per se is their final byproduct.

Leo and I are in total sync and I can see how annoying we can be to people around us, so many are the inside jokes. We've shared a lot.

He was the first person I told I was gay, right off High School. I was the excuse he used to tell his parents about his confused sexuality (and I think they still blame me for it).

We both lived in Europe at the same time. England and Germany. Together and separately.

Together and separately, on and off, for the last 27 years. I think the secret of our friendship is that we do not criticize - and we are not afraid of - each other. We get really silly and very serious. We go for months without talking to each other. And we barely have to say hi to get the conversation going.

My friend Leo.