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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The new Pope in Copacabana.

The Invention of Patient Zero: "How crystal-meth-fueled promiscuity, AIDS medical politics, and one very sick man combined to create a phantom superbug."

 President Lula met yesterday with Condoleezza Rice. Fine. Puzzling is the appointment he had just before Rice's: Naomi Campbell.

Modern Love: "My ex-husband is gay, and I knew it when I married him".

"But Wal-Mart is a different matter. It is the antithesis of everything for which New York has stood and for which it should stand."

Happy blogiversary Joe. My. God.

PostSecret: a site full of beautiful secrets. Via towleroad.

"Pentagon Considers Changing the Legal Definition of Sodomy". "Recruitment will surely go up—or, at least, recruits will go down—now." Via low culture.

Tom Waits while Jeremy Irons: "There’s a game I like where you have to think of people whose name makes a complete sentence" via kottke.