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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Santo subito?

Roughly translated from Italian, it means 'Sainthood Now.'
LATimes: Movement for Pope's Swift Canonization Gathers Steam.
Para mortais que prezam a vida acima de tudo, foram filas, papel e tinta demais para um papa que condenava até preservativo em tempos de Aids.
Fernando Canzian: Advogando para o diabo.
Translation: For mortals who regard life highly above all, there were too many lines, too much paper wasted, excessive use of ink, for a pope who condened even condoms in times of Aids.
I can't stand the newly almost acquired sainthood by the dead pope.
And don't get me started on Cardinal Law... It's another black mark on the church.
Cardinal Bernard Law celebrated Mass in mourning for Pope John Paul II in St. Peter's Basilica on Monday, ignoring protests from victims that his handling of the sex abuse scandal in the U.S. Catholic Church should disqualify him from the honor."
The New York Times: "Disgraced Cardinal Says Memorial Mass for Pope"
And, on unrelated but meaningful news: "Clinton says he'll give $10M to AIDS fight" (