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Friday, May 13, 2005

Life in the south.

"You are currently reading a “this is what I had for breakfast” blog."

I have finally joined a gym and it feels good to work out again. At the least, it's ONE activity to look forward to: life is slow in the south and even slower if you have nothing to do -- or cannot do much, like me.

Mr. DF calls it the The Stepford Gym. As I told him, everybody that works there seems to have gone thru brain washing: they are weirdly polite. Everybody remembers my name and they all make small talk and shake hands. It seems odd - a certain level of politeness is ok, but they go far beyond that.

This gym fits perfectly into the actual reality of the country (or its goal): it's extremely high-tech (thumb scanning lets you in; computer terminals for web access), located in a mall, full of amenities (restaurant, shops, dry-cleaning, day care). It tries very hard and it comes across aseptic.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do much but I was wrong. I've been biking 6 days a week, doing machines 3 days and yoga 2. All very light. The only problem is the yoga class. It's next door to the spinning class, the noisiest one ever. Plus, all the walls are glass and there is hot traffic outside. Combined, the two factors make it very hard to 'concentrate inside yourself'.

Baby steps. But steps forward.