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Saturday, May 07, 2005

New world.

Ad campaign created by Lisbon advertising firm Foote Cone & Belding for the Portuguese political magazine Grande Reportagem, positioning it as a vehicle for a profound jornalistic view about what is really important in the world today. It turns flags of various countries into infographics by adding a legend: the idea was to give new meaning to the colors and symbols based on actual facts gathered from Amnesty International and UN - Get to know the world you live in. For instance:

 United States
Red: In favor of the war in Iraq
White: Against the war in Iraq
Blue: Don't know where Iraq is

Green: Live with less than U$10 a month
Yellow: Live with less than U$100 a month
Blue: Live with less than U$1,000 a month
White: Live with more than U$100.000 a month
plus the motto, order & progress, has been removed from its center

Via kottke.