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Monday, May 30, 2005

Seeing White.

 "Ronaldo is the Brazilian soccer player, who happens to be the most famous athlete in the world." [counterpunch]

He is a three-time FIFA Player of the Year, plays for the Real Madrid, is known as "EL FENOMENO RONALDO" and has been, constantly since the beggining of the year, in every gossip magazine because a fairy-tale 86 days long wedding to a second class brazilian model.

In a recent interview to Folha de São Paulo he said the following when questioned if he understood the recent wave of racism in Soccer:
I think all black players suffer it. I am white and this ignorance causes me pain. The solution is to educate the people.
Well, I guess we can call it the Michael Jackson complex. Somehow in his mind he became white and his pronouncement was a disservice to the cause. Yes, people need to be educated. His father was interviewed soon after on TV and was embarassed because he had taught him to be proud of being black.

Scientists have proven that, at the genetic level, there are no major differences that can justify the existence of different races. We all belong to the human race. The color of the skin, as a classification, is something created to oppress. Therefore the word black has a negative conotation and the word white a positive one.

We have been taught to see the world in black & white.
And that in turn meant that the differences that people were constantly emphasizing for social purposes were social constructs which almost certainly didn't have any biological basis. And therefore we should stop talking about major races because to talk about major races gave the impression that there were big differences between these groups in things that mattered - I mean, skin color, after all, doesn't matter except in some vague aesthetic sense - but things that really mattered: people's characters, their intelligence, their behavior, whether they're going to compete with other people or not and so on. The evidence then became that there weren't any interesting differences in such things, and so we should stop talking about race.
[RACE - The Power of an Illusion]