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Thursday, June 09, 2005


 This week, a study published in Veja Magazine shows that CORRUPTION is the number one reason why Brazilians are not proud of their country.
Etymologically the word 'corruption' comes from the Latin verb 'corruptus' (to break); it literally means broken object. Conceptually, corruption is a form of behavior, which departs from ethics, morality, tradition, law and civic virtue. The United Nation's Global Programme Against Corruption defines corruption as the 'abuse of power for private gain' and includes thereby both the public and private sector. Although perceived differently from country to country, corruption tends to include the following behaviors: conflict of interest, embezzlement, fraud, bribery, political corruption, nepotism, sectarianism and extortion. [Political Corruption in Brazil]
This week, "experts, parliamentarians and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations from some 100 countries are taking part in the fourth global forum on fighting corruption, which opened in Brazil on Tuesday." The forum was opened by Brazilian President Lula who "says Brazil is serious about fighting corruption".

This week, in a huge disappointment for the majority of Brazilians who elected him as the president who would make a difference (ideological forgery?), the 'dream come true' worker who ascended to power (does the power always corrupt?), Lula battles corruption charges.

It's a very sad time in Brazil.