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Friday, August 12, 2005

And then there are the sheep and pigs.

When I was in New York last, Mr. RT treated me to a great afternoon at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (eventough I was showing the first signs of the pneumonia that brought me down, literally, back to Brazil).

We saw, among other things, an weird (aren't they all?) installation that has been in my mind a lot recently.
 Refraction, the most recent video installation by Dutch artist Aernout Mik, is an enigmatic, occasionally cryptic portrait of the social body as it responds to a disaster. Some of the participants are actively engaged in controlling the scene, others are passive spectators, while still others are conspicuously absent - the supposed victims of this bus crash. And then there are the sheep and pigs.
This is exactly how I see my country right now.

We are all in shock, watching the huge disaster that is the politics here. A brazilian senator was asked recently if things would get better. He answered if things got better, they would still be really bad. Well, they got worse yesterday.
A partir desse momento, a possibilidade de Lula não conseguir encerrar seu mandato, seja pelo impeachment, seja pela renúncia, tornou-se mais do que uma especulação, mas uma possibilidade. [Folha de São Paulo]
"From this moment on, the possibility that Lula won't be able to finish his term, by impeachment or resignation, became more than just speculation, it is a possibility."

And then there are the sheep and pigs.