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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

 I share his pain: "And so now I have the opportunity of embarking on one of the most humiliating experiences in which one chooses to engage: the job hunt. I would perhaps get more fulfillment out of it if I were into S&M, another activity in which people willingly welcome pain. I, however, prefer my ego oversized and my demeanour conceited. This is how you start your job search. By the end, you're usually a jiggling little lump of blood and flesh that will do anything for a little bit of money." [Bonhomme Soleil]

World Domination: "Starbucks Corp., the largest U.S. coffee-shop chain, may open its first outlet in Brazil as early as this year, an official at Brazil's Agriculture Ministry said." [Bloomberg]

"This is a rather clever idea: A library in Malmö is letting you "borrow" a person for 45-minute conversations. Among the group of nine people available for "checking out" are an imam, an animal rights activist, a lesbian, a journalist, a Muslim woman and a gypsy. The idea is to give lenders an opportunity to face up to prejudices they might have." [MemeFirst]