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Friday, August 19, 2005

José, where to?

The disillusionment keeps growing among brazilians because of daily findings of the comissions in charge of investigating the corruption scandals here. Recently, a senator, not having anything else to add, got up in Congress and read the poem from which the name of this blog comes from. Disillusionment. The predominant feeling among brazilian citizens.
"Perhaps if you shouted,
perhaps if you moaned,
Perhaps if you played
a viennese waltz,
perhaps if you slept,
if you tired,
if you died...
But you don't die,
You hold on, José!

Alone over there in the darkness
like a wild beast,
without theogony,
without a naked wall
in which to lay,
without a black horse
that gallops into escape,
you walk, José!
José, where to?"

Translation by Berkeley Crossroads.