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Thursday, September 15, 2005

 Bush Writes a Note.
He thinks he may need a bathroom break? We had no idea he knew those words. Consider the difference they make: “I think Saddam may have bought yellowcake in Niger.” “I think this may be a turning point in the war.” “Brownie, I think you may be doing a heck of a job. (Or maybe not.)”

But no. In all those other cases, he was certain. It’s only about his own bowels he has doubts. Weird." [Gawker]
Two concerts I'm looking forward to: Moby in Belo Horizonte and M.I.A. in Rio.

I really want one: "Once again, Apple has mastered a lesson that its rivals seem unable to absorb: that the three most important features in a personal music player are style, style and style."

"Shaq assists as police arrest man accused of assaulting gay couple". [USA TODAY]