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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Welcome reminder.

Email from my friend Mr. GZ:

"Reading your BLOG: by trying to find "a positive balance" through everything you have been through - while if it were me, I'd want it all explained as well - just know that:
  1. You are loved - even 8,000 miles (?) away

  2. You are alive and well (and relatively unscathed from the whole incident...

  3. you have a loving family...

  4. you don't live in New Orleans or the Gulf Coast

  5. you are not in IRAQ (on either end of the war...)

  6. and you have 40+ more years in front of you to make a difference (teaching from the past 40 years of your life) - what a gift!!!
Take care and get out there and start sharing with others the kind of love you shared with us here in NYC!!!"