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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Brazilian Funk.

 Deize Tigrona, funkeira from City of God (the actual place, not the movie) stole the scene during M.I.A.'s concert in Rio. M.I.A. sampled one of her songs without asking for it. When she got to Rio, she looked Tigrona up, they soon became friends and M.I.A. invited her to sing in the concert: "You can kill me now. I can die. I'm going to wake up tomorrow trying to believe it was not a dream," Tigrona said after the concert, her first major exposure. People went crazy during her performance.

Brazilian funk is urban, poor and black. And it is the freshest cultural manifestation going on. It's reviled by the 'elite' but it's getting more popular by the minute.

Listen to Injeção by Deize Tigrona here.

Mr. V still loves M.I.A. even if she is selling Honda and stealing from poor black singers from the slums.