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Monday, October 03, 2005

Guns and Roses.

 I cannot remember the last time I voted.

Living in New York for the last 18 years, I was excused from voting in Brazilian elections. Voting in Brazil is not only a right - it's a duty. What I believe is a good thing. I was always trying to convince my boyfriends to go out and vote during american elections: their apathy facing the process drove me crazy. I believe one's responsibility for omission is much bigger.

I cannot remember the last time I voted but I am sure I have never voted on a referendum.

On October 23rd, Brazilians will be asked to decide on a national gun ban.

This is the first time in the world this issue will be voted.

Recent survey shows that 80% of brazilians are in favor of the ban. I'm not so sure it will be the solution to the violence here, it will only make it harder for citizens to defend themselves.

The discussion is open.