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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

 THE AMAZING Madeleine Peyroux will be playing in BH this Friday - so you know where I will be at.

GAY PRIESTS - Vatican gay stance: 3-year test: "In an eagerly awaited document, the Vatican has reiterated its policy against gay priests, but has said it would allow those who have 'clearly overcome' homosexual tendencies to start the process of becoming a priest." It does not define 'overcome.'

AND, IN UNRELATED NEWS: The Pope wears Prada. Via Andrew Sullivan.

MEANWHILE IN BRAZIL... Lula Rating Falls to Record, Jeopardizing Re-Election: "Brazil's president could lose next year's election because of public dismay over a corruption scandal that has brought his approval ratings to record lows, a poll showed on Tuesday, adding to worries over a cabinet rift that has shaken investor confidence."

NO WORK AND NO PLAY: The New Yorker on the American and European workweeks. "In the American model, then, you work more hours and use the money you make to pay for the things you can’t do because you’re working, and this creates a demand for service jobs that wouldn’t otherwise exist."

IN THIS WEEK'S EPISODE OF 'LOST': "Ana Lucia wins the immunity challenge... but something has gone terribly awry! Ouch! But all the signs were there for a tribal merge. One tribe has been fairly decimated... there was the unexpected tribe switcheroo with Sawyer, Jin, and Michael joining the other tribe for a bit. Where will their loyalties lie when they return to camp? We even had the surprise double-elimination with the disappearance of Cindy and the Shannon "oops" moment ahead of the merge." Pop Culture Junkies