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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

 Brazilian gay moviment groups protest - kissing in Brasília - against the no-show kiss. [SLIDE SHOW]

SOMEONE will die tonight: Super-Gigantor LOST Spoilage!!. "(The producers of LOST) are more afraid of Ain't It Cool News and, specifically, Hercules, the anonymous writer-spoiler for the Web site, who published the dead character's name (albeit behind many warnings, and in invisible text the reader had to highlight in order to see)." A 'Lost' Ship With Leaks - New York Times

When I was in NY last month, Mr. HO took Mr. DF and I to D'OR AHN ("a terrific example of why anyone who loves eating out has to love New York") for dinner and it was amazing. It got reviewed today by The New York Times : So Ambitious, So Impossibly Thin.

"Mr. Bush cannot fire Mr. Cheney, but he could do what other presidents have done to vice presidents: keep him too busy attending funerals and acting as the chairman of studies to do more harm." New York Times via Truthout

Everything you need to know about the NYC mayor election.