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Thursday, December 08, 2005

 I REMEMBER WHEN Jeff was just an innocent boy... Via Thought Not

MR. DF, VIA EMAIL on the hypothetic demise of NY fashion world last sunday: "well... he is wrong ... since i was home in bed with bronchitis.... i would have carried on the biz..."

IT'S A HOLIDAY HERE TODAY. "Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, a Roman Catholic doctrine regarding the conception of Mary. Don't you dare fucking confuse it with the Incarnation or the Virgin Birth of Jesus! I will fucking cut you!" We, Like Sheep

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, the original short story that inspired the movie, written by Annie Proulx, as it appeared in The New Yorker issue of Oct, 13th 1997.

BIAS TOWARDS GAY MAN? "At a cocktail party at Chelsea Piers on Sunday night, an annual Toys for Tots charity drive that draws a crowd of mostly gay men, the designer Peter Som wryly observed that there were so many designers, retail executives and publicists present that if the pier collapsed, 'there would be no fashion industry tomorrow." New York Times

JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS, Amanda Lepore releases her (more) synthetic likeness.