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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Of No Importance.

 After devouring 'Sense & Sensibility' and still not overdosed on british aristocracy, I'm now reading some of Oscar Wilde's plays. Delectable, delightful, delicious... Some excerpts from "A Woman of No Importance":

LADY S: Every one I know says you are very, very wicked.

LORD I: It is perfectly monstrous the way people go about, nowadays, saying things against one behind one's back that are absolutely and entirely true.

LADY H: I don't know how he made his money, originally.

K: I fancy in American dry goods.

LADY H: What are American dry goods?

LORD I: American novels.

LADY H: How very singular! ...

All Americans do dress well. They get their clothes in Paris.

We in the House of Lords are never in touch with public opinion. That makes us a civilised body.

One can survive everything nowadays, except death, and live down anything except a good reputation.