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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Pope denounces materialism from balcony of marble, gold-domed building in midst of jewel-encrusted religious icons while wearing giant gold cross" []

CLOSE TO YOU. Whenever I'm down, Wing brings me up: let her help you too! She has a new cd: "Wing Sings AC/DC".

 FEAR OF BEING AVERAGE. On trying to find the average New Yorker, "one could conclude that (he) has a hard time believing that he’s not exceptional."

ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS stream acoustic sessions at arjanwrites.

MY FAVORITE thing about the new Harry Potter movie: Viktor Krum.

COKE'S NEW SLOGAN: Welcome to the Coke side of life. "It's catchy, sort of. But don't fall for it, kids. Because, sure, the Coke side of life is a lot of fun at first. But then the sun's up, it's 8 a.m., you're still huddled around your friend's coffee table, you've drained every last can and 2-liter bottle, and you realize there's no choice but to head home, where you know won't be able to go to sleep - or maintain an erection - for hours. And - take our word for it - that's when you hate the Coke side of life."

Interestingly enough, from this week's Brandweek: Big Ban On Campus For Coke Products. "Coke has flatly (sic) denied that it bears responsibility for troubles at the Colombian plant."